After School…

If your kids are technology focused online experts, this is the afterschool for them. Our team of inspirational Gaming Experts help guide kids to form new friendships, collaborate on team projects, and encourage positive social behaviours – using gaming as a tool.

After School…

We want to inspire kids to be great digital citizens of the future, while being mentored and supported in a fun environment that they feel comfortable in!

We offer a range of activities including tech and non-tech options! Strategic and collaborative skills are created alongside positive behaviour and social development. Xboxes, Laptops, Nintendo Switches and Virtual Reality options available (additional cost for VR). Dungeons and Dragons, strategy board games, card games, pixel art and much more.

Kids are free to learn at their own pace, or simply hang out with their friends playing on their own devices or our Xboxes. They can even complete their homework on our devices, and if they’re a Guide or Scout, they can earn their Technology badge.

“TenForward Rangiora offers kids under 14 some amazing opportunities to be inspired and harness their social development skills for practical applications. Plus, it’s a super fun after school care programme, conveniently located in the heart of Rangioras High Street.”