The Squad

Rangiora Squad

A team of inspirational Gaming Experts to help guide your kids to form new friendships, collaborate on team projects, and encourage positive social behaviours – using gaming as a tool.

Carolyn brings along an Engineering background, alongside a love of Japanese and currently heading towards a certification in Personal Training. Having worked alongside children in a school environment for many years, recognised the need to encourage social development skills in pre-teens. Our children grow up in a tech based world and so our job is to teach them to create ways to manage their experiences. Hobbies include chatting to her children, hitting the gym and karate and currently holds a 1st degree Sho Dan Black Belt.

Nick is a degreed Engineer and an avid pilot. He enjoys all forms of technology, particularly in aviation. Has a commercial pilots license and currently working his way towards a license in Aircraft Maintenance.
He believes that STEM needs to be a greater focus for our young people, and this can be easily done through the tools our kids already engage in: gaming, you tube and coding as well as other mind enriching activities like speed cubing, role play and art. His hobbies include flying and DIY.